• Environmental allergy skin testing - Skin on arm or back is lightly pricked with a plastic device containing a drop of fluid representing the allergen.  After fifteen minutes, the localized skin reaction is measured.  There is little pain involved in this procedure.  We test various tree pollens, weeds, grasses, molds, dust mites and animals.    

  • Food allergy skin testing - Same procedure as above.  We have many foods available for testing.

  • Drug testing - Antibiotic skin testing available, local anesthetics such as lidocaine, along with some other drugs.  Please call for further details. 

  • Insect venom testing - Skin testing or blood tests may be used to diagnose stinging insect allergy, including honey bee, yellow jacket, paper wasp, yellow hornet, white faced hornet.   Venom allergy may be very severe, even life-threatening.  Venom allergy injections are a highly successful treatment option. 

  • Allergy injections - A series of subcutaneous injections, decreasing your sensitivity to environmental allergens, or insect venoms.

  • Patch testing - A procedure used to diagnose contact dermatitis due to chemicals, preservatives, metals, etc.  Patches are taped to your arm or back and are removed 48 hours later. 

  • Spirometry - A device used to assess asthma control by measuring lung volumes.

  • Other - Other tests that might be used to make the correct diagnosis include blood work, imaging studies such chest X-ray or sinus CT. 

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